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UROTOP-|urine X-ray machine

The main function:

     The application of X-ray images in urology diagnosis, flat film, perspective.

     Urological percutaneous nephrolithotomy platform (percutaneous nephrolithotomy PCN, percutaneous nephrolithotomy PCNL).

     Urological transurethral interventional surgery (ureteroscopy, URS, cystoscopy, transurethral bladder tumor)

     Surgical TURB, transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) platform.

     It can be used with a hemodynamic instrument to provide urinary dynamic images of organs and tissues.


     After the patient goes to bed, he only needs to position himself once and no need to move.

     The doctor can perform surgical operations on both the inside and outside of the bed.

     The design of the curved arm based on humanity varies according to the working position of different doctors. The space around the bed is large enough to be full

     The position and operation requirements of the doctor.

     Convenient, easy to operate console and bedside control box

     When the lithotomy is performed, the doctor can adjust the inclination of the bed at any time, and the height of the bed remains unchanged for the doctor to use.

Imaging function:

     Digital imaging, no longer need to wash

     Short imaging time

     148μm pixel, clear image detail

     Large dynamic range and good linearity

    High quantum detection rate and low imaging radiation dose

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